Pooky's 'Simon'


Over the last 15 years Kelling Designs has enjoyed working with many suppliers, fabric houses, artists, architects, builders etc.  To celebrate our 15th Anniversary we have invited some of these companies and individuals to decorate one of our Simon lamps.

This 'Simon' Lamp was designed by Pooky in collaboration with Molly Benson.

"I wanted to give this beautiful lamp a makeover that would stand the test of time, that was not so whacky, that in due course it just looked, well, whacky.  Gold, darling, lifts everything…I use a lot of gold leaf in my paintings…almost aping the old Byzantine icons…so gold had to be there, and then a mossy green in praise of the planet.  It’s a soft, comfortable, restful and pleasing look.  Thanks for including us Kelling….it’s a great project and we’ve really enjoyed it…." - Molly Benson with Pooky Lighting

To thank each person/company involved, we have made a donation to their chosen charity. The chosen charity for Pooky is The Hands Up Foundation.

Through this collaboration we hope to raise awareness of all the charities, companies and individuals involved.

Our aim is to show that the interior design business is collaborative and that we all need each other to survive and prosper.

We hope that you can join us in celebrating 15 years of Kelling Designs by helping us to support the companies and charities linked to all these brilliant people that we have encountered over the last 15 years. 

Kelling Designs has chosen to support the charity Screw Cancer through this collaboration and will donate all the proceeds to this wonderful charity.


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