Kelling Home

Inspired by an appreciation for the beautiful and quirky, Kelling Home is carefully curated collection of products that will bring colour, texture and personality into the home.

The Kelling Home Loves range has been put together for Kelling Designs in collaboration with leading British fabric houses and highly skilled product designers. With influences from all across the world we have created original pieces that will bring vibrancy to any room.

This stunning range of products brings the classic and the offbeat together. With statement shapes, bold prints and bright colours, every piece in the collection will showcase style and character in the home.

Kelling Designs

Kelling Designs specialise in creating beautiful interiors that achieve the perfect balance between elegance and practicality.

The Kelling Home brand is driven by the Kelling Designs ethos: to create interiors that are vibrant, sophisticated and dynamic.

Kelling Designs is a well-established international interior design company based in London and Norfolk with over 20 years experience of working closely with numerous clients on residential and commercial projects.